Ardmore Phosphate Project








North West, Queensland


The Ardmore Phosphate Rock Project (“Ardmore”) is located south of Mt Isa in North West Queensland. The project is linked to the Port of Townsville via an existing rail line. Ardmore is one of the few remaining undeveloped high-grade phosphate rock deposits in the world. Centrex is developing a phosphate rock export operation. The deposit lies on an existing Mining Lease. The deposit is shallow and can be cheaply mined via open-cut strip mining without the need for blasting. Once the already high-grade ore is crushed to meet export sizing specifications, removal of fine grained mainly clay material produces a premium grade concentrate product. Centrex has completed the Definitive Feasibility Study for the project, as well as the fabrication of start-up plant with commissioning due mid-2019.

Australia and New Zealand are reliant on phosphate rock imports for their production of single superphosphate, mainly from North Africa. Ardmore has a significant freight advantage over the current suppliers.


Current Mineral Reserve for the project is 10.1 million tonnes at 30.2% P2O5. The ore Reserve is contained within existing 16.2 million tonne Mineral Resource. For more information please see the following announcement:

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